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 Natural Ingredients

We at Lively Soap are obsessed with the nature and quality. Our products are made with high quality natural ingredients and we practice high standards of quality measurements. We are committed towards putting quality before profit.
Sure we can make profit doing things less ethical, but all we want is to  make this world a better place.



Hand Made

Our soaps are made in Canada and with ingredients locally procured. We use cold-process method which is centuries old method. Our soap recipes are impressed from the three generations of  pharmacists in the family of our owner, who herself is a pharmacist. She always stress upon this process  which leaves  no by-product and every soap bar is poured, cut and packed here in the city of Port Coquitlam.


Feel Lively

You have to try them to believe how rich and  satiny our soaps our. Each soap leave you feeling fresh and cottony. The fact that each soap is crafted carefully with our recipes which were well researched and are formulated to deliver the quality soaps which will leave you feel Lively.



Introducing Luxury with Sustainability

At Lively Soap Co., our approach to sustainability touches the three pillars - social, economic & environment. Our natural based plant oil soap bars are made in Canada using quality ingredients. Each of our premium quality bars creates a rich lather that will gently cleanse your skin, without drying it out. We have researched beneficial natural extracts and scents, infusing each natural base bar with natural extracts and essential oils that will elevate your bath experience. No matter your skin type, you are sure to find something in our collection.

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recover and recharge

We take proud in using no artificial ingredients (apart from Lye which is essential for the saponification) in our recipe, that's correct not even colors. Use of  high quality essentials oil which activates more in warm water provides you a rejuvenating experience. Soothing smell and soft nature of the soaps will leave you feeling recovered and recharged.

elevate self love

Indulgence and self-care often go hand-in-hand, but one can't always go to spa or salon to achieve elevated experience. You can have the same experience by using our products  which are  created with love and with one purpose to provide you with the most elevated experience and thus create the same experience at home.

Choice of influencers

Our packaging, soap design and small attention to designing details of everything offers you  a unique visual experience to capture the lively moments  on the social media platforms and influence you to take more baths. Unique textures, experiential transformations and beautiful product packaging are all desirable qualities of  our products to have that Instagrammable appeal

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