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proud to be different


Meet Ruth, our founder. Ruth is a 3rd generation pharmacist in her family. Her great grandfather owned and operated the first pharmacy in town of Chinameca, El-Salvador.
Until recently Ruth was employed in the cosmetic, chemicals supply chain industry in Canada. However, COVID-19 took that job and she was laid off twice from the same job. At the same time while everyone in the family was dealing with dry hands due to the excessive hand washing, Ruth was working on the idea that will give birth to Lively Soap.
All of this does not stop her instead she took it as an opportunity to build a business with a sole purpose to deliver the best quality natural handmade cosmetic products which are good to skin and have no chemicals.




That's correct, Ruth's vision of creating luxury handmade products with mission to create something simple made her tick all the boxes of product quality. She is a determined individual who pays attention to details and make sure that every bar of soap enriches all the attributes of a high quality luxurious product

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